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Well done to everyone who entered our Easter art challenge – we hope you all enjoyed getting creative for Shivia! In our view you are all winners but we also asked our three judges to choose an overall winner in each of these age groups:

Age group: 5 & under

The judge: Sudeshna Mukherjee, Shivia Trustee.

  • Highly commended: Charlie, Lyra and Bella
  • Winner: Elliot

Judge’s comment: “I was very impressed by each of the entries from these young artists, so very well done to everyone! It was the details and composition of Elliot’s drawing that made it stand out for me so I have selected him as the overall winner.

Winner: Elliot (5)
Highly Commended: Bella (5)
Highly Commended: Lyra (5)
Highly Commended: Charlie (4)

Age group: 6-8 years

The judge: Shailendra Patel, Shivia Trustee

  • Highly Commended: Beatrice, Aryn and Rosie
  • Winner: Leo

Judge’s comments:

“Beatrice has done a beautiful drawing that shows why Shivia, Easter and chickens go so well together.”

“Aryn has demonstrated lovely imagination to show a farmer at work with chickens.”

“Rosie’s painting beautifully explains how women and rearing chickens make for a happy household under the blue skies of Shivia.”

“Leo has shown wonderful imagination to capture the essence of the work of Shivia.”

Winner: Leo (8)
Highly Commended: Beatrice (7)
Highly Commended: Aryn (8)
Highly Commended: Rosie (8)

Age group: 9-14 years

The judge: Nick Jenkins, Patron of Shivia

  • Highly Commended: Sofia, Anoushka and Bertie
  • Winner: Aanya

Judge’s comments:

“Bertie’s entry demonstrates a very good use of mixed media to reflect the theme of Easter.”

“A close runner up, Anouska has captured the twin threads of Shivia’s work well, showing both poultry farming and training for arable farmers. She shows good control over freehand drawing.”

“Sofia has made a good depiction of Indian clothing and also makes very good use of digital tools and a broad colour palette in this vivid picture.”

Aanya has done a very good job of capturing facial expressions in her characters while depicting the theme of Shiva very well.

Winner: Aanya (10)
Highly Commended: Bertie (9)
Highly Commended: Anoushka (11)
Highly Commended: Sofia (14)

Best family entry

Winner: Katie, Peter, Toby and Rafe for their decorated eggs!

Katie, Peter, Toby & Rafe (family entry)

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  • It has been a pleasure to help shine a light on the inspirational work that Shivia does. The team’s passion and determination to make a lasting difference to families living in poverty – and doing so respectfully – is clear in every interaction. By contributing support for their marketing communications and brand identity evolution, we hope that they will be able to empower even more people in the future.
    Rebecca Lovelock
    Founder at Bretom
  • Shivia’s work is very impressive - how it is carried out and who the people are working in the locations.  It is a very healthy and together team which is being very effective.
    Jane Meyer
    Trustee of T&J Meyer Family Foundation
  • "The work Shivia does is simple and yet so life-changing, we’re thrilled to have been part of the charity’s growth story and hope to partner with them for many years to come.”
    Marisa Charosky
    Coordinator - Artemis Charitable Foundation
  • Agri-management Services has the capacity to deliver lasting change for our farmers. I have always felt that the farmers feed our nation while they can hardly afford to feed themselves. What an irony. So if my team and I are able to help farmers earn a sustainable income through agriculture, there’s nothing better than this.

    Joe Rao
    Lead Consultant for Shivia
  • I have witnessed first-hand how Shivia has not just changed but transformed people's lives with its livelihood programmes.
    Yasmine Hilton
    Chairman - Shivia
  • Alquity supports Shivia because they transform lives by giving people the opportunity to do things themselves and they do it with dignity.
    Suresh Mistry
    Director - Alquity