Our partner NGOs in India

We work with excellent partners in India who deliver the programmes on the ground.  Our partners specialise in delivering effective and sustainable livelihood programmes to support the rural and urban poor.

Nirdhan Development and Microfinance

We have been working with Nirdhan since 2011.  Together we launched our three agricultural livelihood programmes to support the rural poor in West Bengal.

Poultry Development Services

Agri-management Services

Goat Farming

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VIEWS is a growing, grass-roots organisation working towards sustainable livelihoods, quality education, health, climate change and disaster management among Tribals, Dalits, people with disability and coastal fishing communities in Odisha.

In October 2021, we chose VIEWS to partner with us to replicate our Agri-management Services programme.

We are currently working with 400 marginalised farmers, teaching them how to farm in a sustainable, responsible and profitable way.

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Shivia first partnered with SAATH in 2012/13 on their Nirman Programme, providing training to workers in the informal sector in the areas of electrical work, carpentry, masonry and plumbing to increase their earning potential.

We are delighted to be working with SAATH once again on two new initiatives:

Beautypreneur Programme

Providing business skills training to women living in urban slum areas so they can start their own enterprise in the Beauty & Wellness sector

Cooks Training Programme

A skills-based training programme aimed at women living in urban slum areas to enhance job prospects and increase income in the Home Management sector.

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(PDS Farmer)

"I had no way of earning before Shivia introduced me to poultry…


(PDS Farmer)

"I now have a regular income from selling eggs and some chickens.…


(PDS Farmer)

"Before this programme we were struggling to cope and owed a lot…


(AMS Farmer)

"Since joining the AMS programme I have noticed very many positive changes.…

  • It has been a pleasure to help shine a light on the inspirational work that Shivia does. The team’s passion and determination to make a lasting difference to families living in poverty – and doing so respectfully – is clear in every interaction. By contributing support for their marketing communications and brand identity evolution, we hope that they will be able to empower even more people in the future.
    Rebecca Lovelock
    Founder at Bretom
  • Shivia’s work is very impressive - how it is carried out and who the people are working in the locations.  It is a very healthy and together team which is being very effective.
    Jane Meyer
    Trustee of T&J Meyer Family Foundation
  • "The work Shivia does is simple and yet so life-changing, we’re thrilled to have been part of the charity’s growth story and hope to partner with them for many years to come.”
    Marisa Charosky
    Coordinator - Artemis Charitable Foundation
  • Agri-management Services has the capacity to deliver lasting change for our farmers. I have always felt that the farmers feed our nation while they can hardly afford to feed themselves. What an irony. So if my team and I are able to help farmers earn a sustainable income through agriculture, there’s nothing better than this.

    Joe Rao
    Lead Consultant for Shivia
  • I have witnessed first-hand how Shivia has not just changed but transformed people's lives with its livelihood programmes.
    Yasmine Hilton
    Chairman - Shivia
  • Alquity supports Shivia because they transform lives by giving people the opportunity to do things themselves and they do it with dignity.
    Suresh Mistry
    Director - Alquity