Thank you…thank you!

That’s a double thank you from everyone at Shivia to all our supporters who helped us to double our fundraising during The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019.

We started the campaign with an ambitious fundraising target of £12,500 for the week-long campaign in December – with the potential to double that with matching funds already pledged by other donors…but we could only access those pledged funds if donations were received during the Christmas Challenge week.

We are delighted to say that not only did we reach our £12,500 but we exceeded it!

The grand total raised during the campaign (with that all important matched funding and Gift Aid) was a staggering £28,198!

This money means Shivia can expand in 2020 and take our Poultry Development Services programme to even more villages in West Bengal. We will be able to give thousands more families the boost they need to lift themselves from poverty by giving them the tools and training to start earning money from raising chickens.


Raised £15,253,329

for 588 charities in 2019


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(PDS Farmer)

"I had no way of earning before Shivia introduced me to poultry…


(PDS Farmer)

"I now have a regular income from selling eggs and some chickens.…


(PDS Farmer)

"Before this programme we were struggling to cope and owed a lot…


(AMS Farmer)

"Since joining the AMS programme I have noticed very many positive changes.…

  • I have witnessed first-hand how Shivia has not just changed but transformed people's lives with its livelihood programmes.
    Yasmine Hilton
    Chairman Shivia
  • Alquity supports Shivia because they transform lives by giving people the opportunity to do things themselves and they do it with dignity.
    Suresh Mistry
    Director, Alquity
  • We were thrilled to see the impact of the work being done and to meet the team on the ground. It was truly humbling to see the difference being made to so many people by this group of highly motivated and capable people.
    Stewart Brown
    Director Artemis Investment Management LLP
  • We are excited to support such a strategically-minded and professionally run charity that is making a real and sustainable difference. The focus and design of the livelihood programmes are simple and highly effective – and the results speak for themselves.
    Lars-eric Roden
    Director, The T&J Meyer Foundation
  • Farming is my only source of income... I registered with Shivia to learn how to reduce my farming expenses and produce better quality outputs. I am definitely seeing good results compared to previous years and have learned how to make bio-pesticides.
    AMS farmer
    Familia location West Bengal