PUTUL lives in a one-bedroom house with five other family members. They share a shabby kitchen with a neighbouring family. She was previously earning a very small income as a casual labourer in the fields near her house. She very quickly fell into debt when her and her husband were unable to afford to provide for the family from their very low and irregular income.

Desperate for another source of income, Putul decided to register with Shivia’s Poultry Development Services programme after she heard about it at a local community awareness meeting. Being in debt meant that Putul was keen to earn money from her poultry toolkit as quickly as possible so she raised the chicks and sold the birds for meat at the local market. With the profit she was able to pay off the loan to the local moneylender and invest in a second toolkit.

A few months after starting her poultry enterprise Putul is in a much better place financially and is really making her small business work for her and the family. She has built up a flock of over 40 birds. Her 12 year old daughter has been able to stay at school and hopes to finish her studies and become a school teacher one day. So many young girls in the villages are married as young as 13 and Putul is very happy that she can afford to send her daughter to school and offer her a different way of life.

Putul is delighted with the outcome of her poultry enterprise and is saving to buy a sewing machine so she can develop a tailoring business from home too.

I cannot thank Shivia enough for giving me this opportunity. I am extremely happy that your team holds my hand and provides me with excellent training. I now have the confidence to carry on with my poultry enterprise on my own.

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(PDS Farmer)

"I had no way of earning before Shivia introduced me to poultry…


(PDS Farmer)

"I now have a regular income from selling eggs and some chickens.…


(PDS Farmer)

"Before this programme we were struggling to cope and owed a lot…


(AMS Farmer)

"Since joining the AMS programme I have noticed very many positive changes.…

  • Agri-management Services has the capacity to deliver lasting change for our farmers. I have always felt that the farmers feed our nation while they can hardly afford to feed themselves. What an irony. So if my team and I are able to help farmers earn a sustainable income through agriculture, there’s nothing better than this.

    Joe Rao
    Shivia Lead Consultant
  • I have witnessed first-hand how Shivia has not just changed but transformed people's lives with its livelihood programmes.
    Yasmine Hilton
    Chairman Shivia
  • Alquity supports Shivia because they transform lives by giving people the opportunity to do things themselves and they do it with dignity.
    Suresh Mistry
    Director, Alquity
  • We were thrilled to see the impact of the work being done and to meet the team on the ground. It was truly humbling to see the difference being made to so many people by this group of highly motivated and capable people.
    Stewart Brown
    Director Artemis Investment Management LLP
  • We are excited to support such a strategically-minded and professionally run charity that is making a real and sustainable difference. The focus and design of the livelihood programmes are simple and highly effective – and the results speak for themselves.
    Lars-eric Roden
    Director, The T&J Meyer Foundation
  • Farming is my only source of income... I registered with Shivia to learn how to reduce my farming expenses and produce better quality outputs. I am definitely seeing good results compared to previous years and have learned how to make bio-pesticides.
    AMS farmer
    Familia location West Bengal