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Shivia is a UK-based charity that works with poor communities in India and Nepal. We provide training and capital to these communities so that they can start up or engage in market-driven, sustainable enterprises. Our entire focus is on poverty alleviation and making a socio-economic impact.

Shivia has a dual approach through our Partners Programme and Livelihood Programme.

Partners Programme

We work through local partners in Western Nepal (BASE) and Gujarat, India (SAATH).

We make our local partners interest-free loans so that they can implement effective microfinance programmes focused on providing training and lending for productive enterprises. Loans to borrowers are very small - £120 on average - and we work with the very poorest communities who live at or near the World Bank’s poverty line of US$ 1-2 per day. With these loans borrowers start up small enterprises such as basket-weaving, shops, sari making and poultry-raising. The loans are often described as "life-changing" and lead to positive knock-on effects in the community such as enabling children to go to school for the first time or access to health-care.

Livelihood Programme

This programme was launched in 2011 and focuses on providing business toolkits, training, support and the necessary finance to start specific market-driven enterprises. Our initial tool kits are for small-scale poultry farming in West Bengal.

We are passionate about the work we do and have been working in these communities through our own efforts over the last 12 years.

A big Thank You

A big Thank You to Artemis


Shivia Summer Newsletter 2012

Shivia's summer 2012 newsletter can be downloaded now! 
Highlights include:
1. We now have nearly 1,000 home-farmers registered on our Poultry Programme in West Bengal
2. Our new Ambassadors Programme: Become an Ambassador for Shivia and have the chance to win a flight to see our operations in West Bengal
3. Our Regular Giving Scheme: Join our Scheme and be automatically entered into our Christmas raffle where you can win a fabulous prize!

Annual Report 2011

We are delighted to announce that our Annual Report for 2010 - 2011 has now been published. If you wish a copy please do email charlotte@shivia.com. Additionally, the Report will be available for download shortly on this website under "Annual Reports".

Livelihood Programme, West Bengal

Our Livelihood Programme is really starting to pick up in West Bengal now: the operational area is expanding to incorporate a further seven villages, 87 home-farmers received tool kits this month and many more are signing up. Clear profits are being seen by the home-farmers when they take their chickens to the market - which is really helping to supplement their household income.  We are very excited to be in the scaling phase now and our target is to reach 3,000 home-farmers by June this year.

Shivia Diwali Fund-raising Event 27th October

Dear Shivia Supporters,
Only 2.5 weeks until the Shivia Diwali Event of the Year on 27th October in London - why not rally your friends and/or colleagues and make up a table of 10 for our Indian Quiz? The more the merrier to make this event the best yet - and don't forget our brilliant auction - lots of fantastic prizes up for grabs! Please have a look at our Events page and the invitation for further details or email charlotte@shivia.com for tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

Livelihood Model launched

I am delighted that our livelihood model has launched in West Bengal.  The pilot is underway and 30 households are already engaged in the project, as planned. 

Livelihood Model

We are planning to introduce our livelihood model in West Bengal - a shift towards more prudent and productive lending as well as providing "tool kits" to ensure borrowers are engaging in enterprises that will lift them out of poverty.  Olly Donnelly (CEO) will be heading to Kolkata on Thursday 12th to get the ball rolling.....

Annual Report

Our Annual Report for 2009-10 has just been published.  Email info@shivia.com if you would like a copy or download directly from the website under "Annual Reports"

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