Jon Hopkins at The Royal Albert Hall

Tuesday 23rd November 2021 at 7.30pm

Jon Hopkins, one of the most celebrated electronic musicians of his generation, will make his Royal Albert Hall headline debut in 2021 with his new show, Polarity. Playing grand piano for parts of the show, Jon will be joined on stage by a small group of consummate musicians and long-time friends.

Shivia has a Grand Tier box at the Royal Albert Hall for this sold out event and we are now auctioning it to the highest bidder.

The box is generously donated to us by one of our Ambassadors and so 100% of the amount raised from the auction will go directly to Shivia to support our programmes in India.

Grand Tier Box 12 seats ten guests and also has an entertaining space to host a buffet and drinks*.

How to make your bid

  • Please contact to place your maximum bid for exclusive use of the Grand Tier box (for 10 guests). We will acknowledge receipt of your bid by return email.
  • The deadline for submitting bids is 12 noon on Tuesday 16th November 2021.
  • The winner of the auction (being the person who has submitted the highest bid by the deadline 12 noon on 16/11/21) will be contacted by email on Wednesday 17th November 2021. Electronic tickets will be sent directly to the winner by email prior to the event.
  • There is a reserve of £1,500 for the box. 100% of donations will go to Shivia (registered charity 1126444).

*Food and drinks can be ordered to the box by contacting the Royal Albert Hall here

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(PDS Farmer)

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(PDS Farmer)

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(PDS Farmer)

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  • It has been a pleasure to help shine a light on the inspirational work that Shivia does. The team’s passion and determination to make a lasting difference to families living in poverty – and doing so respectfully – is clear in every interaction. By contributing support for their marketing communications and brand identity evolution, we hope that they will be able to empower even more people in the future.
    Rebecca Lovelock
    Founder at Bretom
  • Shivia’s work is very impressive - how it is carried out and who the people are working in the locations.  It is a very healthy and together team which is being very effective.
    Jane Meyer
    Trustee of T&J Meyer Family Foundation
  • "The work Shivia does is simple and yet so life-changing, we’re thrilled to have been part of the charity’s growth story and hope to partner with them for many years to come.”
    Marisa Charosky
    Coordinator - Artemis Charitable Foundation
  • Agri-management Services has the capacity to deliver lasting change for our farmers. I have always felt that the farmers feed our nation while they can hardly afford to feed themselves. What an irony. So if my team and I are able to help farmers earn a sustainable income through agriculture, there’s nothing better than this.

    Joe Rao
    Lead Consultant for Shivia
  • I have witnessed first-hand how Shivia has not just changed but transformed people's lives with its livelihood programmes.
    Yasmine Hilton
    Chairman - Shivia
  • Alquity supports Shivia because they transform lives by giving people the opportunity to do things themselves and they do it with dignity.
    Suresh Mistry
    Director - Alquity