Our field team

Our programmes are delivered by our team of Field Supervisors and Livelihood Service Providers (LSP).

They are all recruited from the villages where we work. They speak the local language and understand the problems faced by the communities. Above all, our beneficiaries know and trust them.

We recruit a team for each of the locations we are working in (currently five) with one Field Supervisor and up to ten Livelihood Service Providers.  They are all fully trained to deliver our programmes.

Once a year the whole team gathers together for the annual award ceremony when everyone is congratulated on the achievements for the year.  Awards are given out for performance including:

For Best Performing LSP:

  • Number of toolkits distributed
  • Number of new farmers added for the year under review
  • Number of existing farmers retained for the year under review
  • Mortality rates of chickens
  • Work attitude and discipline

For Best Performing Field Supervisor or Location, in addition to the above:

  • Meeting location targets for the year under review
  • Level of service provided to farmers
  • Management of LSPs, farmers and the programme generally
  • Overall level of responsibility and efficiency

Photo Gallery

Photos are from the award ceremonies in April 2017 and July 2018

Awards were presented by representatives of The Artemis Charitable Foundation who were visiting our operations to see the impact of their donations to Shivia.

Meet some of our farmers


I had no way of earning before Shivia introduced me to poultry farming. Now I am a full-time provider for my family and they are very proud of my achievement.…


I now have a regular income from selling eggs and some chickens. This opportunity has really changed our lives. I'm managing to buy medicines for my sick child. Thank you!…


"Before this programme we were struggling to cope and owed a lot to the village money-lender.  So much has changed for us now we are earning money from raising chickens."…


"Since joining this training programme I have noticed a great many changes…my costs are down, my yield is up and I am making a profit from farming at long last."…

  • I have witnessed first-hand how Shivia has not just changed but transformed people's lives with its livelihood programmes.
    Yasmine Hilton
    Chairman of Shivia
  • Alquity supports Shivia because they transform lives by giving people the opportunity to do things themselves and they do it with dignity.
    Suresh Mistry
    Director, Alquity
  • We were thrilled to see the impact of the work being done and to meet the team on the ground. It was truly humbling to see the difference being made to so many people by this group of highly motivated and capable people.
    Stewart Brown
    Director, Artemis Investment Management LLP
  • We are excited to support such a strategically-minded and professionally run charity that is making a real and sustainable difference. The focus and design of the livelihood programmes are simple and highly effective – and the results speak for themselves.
    Lars-eric Roden
    Director, The T&J Meyer Foundation
  • Farming is my only source of income... I registered with Shivia to learn how to reduce my farming expenses and produce better quality outputs. I am definitely seeing good results compared to previous years and have learned how to make bio-pesticides.
    AMS farmer
    Familia location West Bengal

some of our supporters